Foundations – overview

This topic looks at the types of foundations commonly used in Aotearoa New Zealand buildings, what makes them more or less susceptible to the effects of seismic forces and some of the basic design principles that help ensure foundations protect the above-ground structure.

Home foundations

Seismically resilient residential foundations. (BRANZ)

Foundation performance

Residential foundations

NZS 3604-type foundations – including good ground and testing for good ground

Engineered foundations – including geotechnical investigation

Shallow foundations – residential – including spread footing foundations (perimeter foundations, slab-on-ground foundations, mat foundations and waffle foundations)

Deep foundations – residential – including driven pile foundations (driven timber piles, driven steel H-piles, driven steel tube piles and driven precast concrete piles)

Commercial foundations

Site characteristics

Deep foundations – commercial – including bored piles (belled piles, continuous flight auger piles and screw piles)

Shallow foundations – commercial – including mat foundations and floating foundations