Building envelope – overview

This topic looks at the key elements of the building envelope, what makes them susceptible to seismic forces and some of the design strategies and techniques that can limit damage to the building envelope during an earthquake.

Home building envelope

Unitised curtain wall. (Thermosash)

Envelope performance – including parts of the building envelope

Residential buildings

Roof claddings – including lightweight roof claddings and heavy roof claddings (tile roof claddings and securing tile roof claddings)

Wall claddings – residential – including lightweight wall claddings (sheet and panel claddings) and medium and heavy wall claddings (brick veneer cladding, testing brick veneers and securing brick veneers)

Commercial buildings 

Effect of inter-storey drift on cladding

Wall claddings – commercial – including lightweight wall claddings (spandrel panels and panel boundaries) and glass curtain walls