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Technical expertise

BRANZ would like to thank the following people and organisations for providing technical review comments on this resource:

  • Barry Brown ( Fraser Thomas Ltd)
  • Stephen Cody (Wellington City Council)
  • Greg Dayman (Dayman Architects)
  • Tony Fairclough (Tonkin and Taylor)
  • Robert Finch and Sahin Tasligedik (The Quake Centre)
  • Rob Jury (Beca)
  • Graeme Lawrance (MBIE)
  • Pierre Malan and John Leeves (Tonkin & Taylor Ltd)
  • Greg MacRae (University of Canterbury)
  • Guy Marriage (School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington)
  • John Scott (MBIE)
  • Peter Smith (Spencer Holmes Ltd)
  • Richard Smith (EQC)
  • John Snook (Canterbury Structural Group/NZ Structural Engineering Society)
  • Mike Stannard (MBIE)

Photos and drawings

All photos and drawings on this website are BRANZ copyright, except for as indicated in captions and the following images on the home page:



  • Tuned mass damper atop the building Taipei 101
  • A PRESSS joint in a concrete frame under construction
  • Unitised curtain wall
  • Space frame in a theatre ceiling
  • Lightweight ceiling damage
  • DJ Anderson - Creative Commons copyright licence CC BY-SA 2.0
  • Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ)
  • Thermosash
  • Sawrey Consulting Engineers
  • Rajesh Dhakal



BRANZ would also like to thank GNS Science and the Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) for allowing us to embed their videos on this website.